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Childrens doctor Dr Melissa Hubbard treats all paediatric problems and adult allergies

This website gives some information about the most common conditions.


Many mothers worry needlessly about their children and would bene!t from discussing everyday issues with a sympathetic paediatrician. Having someone take the time to explain what is normal and being able to see someone when you think your child is unwell enables you to enjoy your family more and worry less. Today, 15% of school children have asthma. However, many hospital admissions can be prevented by clear management plans and good advice about medication. There is sometimes limited access to primary care asthma clinics specialising in children and NHS appointments are often rushed due to overbooking.


In Europe, America and Australia, most parents choose a family paediatrician with whom they stay for many years. In the UK, the GP tends to be the !rst point of contact though many parents now choose the specialist option privately.

Unfortunatley Dr Hubbard is not currently seeing private patients. If you live in England your GP may be happy to refer to her NHS Clinic at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire in Stoke on Trent. We are listed on choose and book. My NHS secretary is on 01782 675289

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