Adult Allergy Appointments

Please bring any recent medication with you. For skin prick testing with results on clinic day patients have to be off piriton for 48 hours and all other antihistamines for 1 week. If you are unable to tolerate your symptoms a blood test can be arranged but a follow up appointment will be needed to discuss results when they come back. For those suspecting food allergies then it is essential that you bring the foods to which you think you are allergic WITH THE EXCEPTION of nuts, eggs, milk, wheat and sesame. Shellfish, fish,fruit and vegetables etc must be wrapped carefully with vigorous hand washing in between contacts to avoid cross contamination. Only very small amounts ( 1 teaspoon , 1 grape for example) are required. If you have had significant symptoms then it is best to ask someone else to prepare this for you.


£200 - New Patient
£100 - Skin prick testing plus solutions
£80 fee to cover costs and lost appointment time if you fail to attend without giving a minimum of 48 hours notice

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